Acrylic painting Supplies for First-time & Beginner Painters

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6 min readMar 23, 2021

So, you are ready to start painting, but where do you start. What kind of supplies? Are they expensive? What if you buy the wrong thing? All very logical questions when starting out. This article is going to break down the supplies to the very basics so you don’t have to invest a lot of money until you know you really enjoy painting. I will explain which supplies you can get cheaper and which ones are worth spending a bit more on quality.

Before we get started, I just want to say congratulations on giving painting a try. I am 99% sure you will come to enjoy the calming and therapeutic value “the process of painting” will bring you. Remember to just breathe and have fun, it’s just painting.

When starting out keep it simple, as you get more into the painting process start trying other supplies or different quality materials. Creativity is not about perfection or your artwork selling for a million dollars. Creativity is a way for your thoughts, feeling,& ideas to work themselves out during the process of letting go and not thinking logically. The process of painting is like meditation, an activity you can get lost in, allowing your processing brain to chill out and recharge. Take notice of how you feel after you complete a painting. Turning a blank surface into something you created is a satisfying feeling. Just have fun and embrace your inner 8-year-old artist.

The Basic Supplies to get started painting:

1- Painting Surface = 8x10 or 11x14 inch canvas (flat panel or stretched)
2- Brushes =
2 flat brushes and 1 pointy
3- Acrylic Paint = colors as needed

Spreadsheet — list of supplies

Your supplies are just simple tools. The more you use the tools the more comfortable you will become and confident with what you can produce with them. The definition of a tool is as follows: A device or implement, especially one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function. The work and creativity come from you, the more you paint the more you will discover your creativity.

1- Surface:
The first item you need for painting is your surface to paint on. For acrylic painting, it is recommended to…



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