Never painted before? Your first painting will be bad, but you need to paint it anyway!

Paint with Lovejoy
6 min readMar 18, 2022

recap — Paint with Lovejoy Podcast S1 E1

Paint with Lovejoy Podcast

Welcome to the “Paint with Lovejoy” podcast the place where first-time and
beginner painters can learn more about acrylic painting, the mindset of learning a new skill, and where your creative questions will be answered Thanks for joining!

I’m excited to start this new podcast!
This is episode one of the Paint With Lovejoy Podcast. In its preliminary stages, my goal was simply to share what has worked for my students when painting also while diving into the mindset & expectations that first-time painters face — because they are often very similar challenges experienced by all beginners. I’m really excited that I get to start sharing in this new direction all while learning a new podcast platform. (I secretly love the learning challenge). As I mention in many of my tutorials, “the more we practice, the better and more comfortable we become”. As I start a new direction and this is episode 1, witness my growth on this blog and podcast. You will see me: learn, tweak details, find what works while continually polishing the delivery. Your growth as a first-time or beginner painter will be similar, with practice you will gain confidence and comfort as you tweak and adjust your new skills.
It's the journey….

The last few years have been challenging but rewarding, as it’s given me an opportunity for growth with the YouTube channel & creating courses on Together, it’s all just another way of helping others by giving them access to learning in their own time — which makes teaching, satisfying for me. Every time I think about enjoying teaching I think of my community of support. A quick shout out to my supporters, I am so grateful to have such an amazing community of people who care about me and my success. You are the best! I want to thank all of you for your love & support. It has been an amazing journey. Paint with Lovejoy is here today because of your support.



Paint with Lovejoy

Lovejoy has taught first-time & beginner painters exclusively for the last 15 years. Helping students of all ages find their Joy in Painting and creativity.