Setting up YOUR painting space at home

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6 min readMar 29, 2021

Setting up YOUR painting space at home

So now that you have gathered your supplies and mustered up the courage to put paint to canvas, the next question to tackle is… “How do I set up my space to paint?”

Let’s go over the basics, upgrades, & tips for having a comfortable space to get creative.

  • Space/Location
  • Lighting
  • Supplies
  • Ambiance
  • Mindset


It doesn’t matter if you have a designated space to create or if you have to set it up on the kitchen table for a few hours and then put it away before dinner. Your creative space is YOURS for the timeframe you occupy it. Keep your space simple. Part of your space is being free of distractions; turn your phone off, if others live with you ask them to not interrupt you for “set time”, turn off the tv, and turn on your favorite music. Have some of your favorite snacks and beverage for an extra treat. This is a space you create for yourself and your creative adventure. If you do this on a regular basis you will start to crave it and realize the benefits of painting.

Upgrade: Dedicated a: space, corner, or box of supplies for your creative journey

Tip: Take it 1 step at a time and have fun!


The best light is natural daylight, try to paint somewhere with a window. You can paint outside, just note that your acrylic paint will dry faster both on your canvas and palette. So paint a bit faster, and embrace a part of the “Plein air” style (FYI- Plein Air = out of doors. The French term Plein air means out of doors and refers to the practice of painting entire finished pictures out of doors, generally landscapes)



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